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At Pennywell, we have years of experience when it involves making excellent quality kitchen worktops as well as kitchen counters, so we also know the ins and outs of ways to clean kitchen worktops in order to keep them well maintained for several years ahead and also get the most effective value from your financial investment. Check out below for an extensive professional overview on the best ways to clean granite, quartz, Corian and also Silestone worktops.

Our pointers make sure to keep your kitchen worktops and also kitchen counters in a dazzling, best state for many years ahead.

Ways to clean a granite worktop

Granite worktops have come to be specifically popular in modern times, particularly among those seeking to upgrade their kitchen worktops, and also it is little wonder when you consider that granite is not just a hard-wearing, resilient material, yet it also supplies aesthetic appeal to enhance the appearance of your kitchen.

Among the best things about granite worktops is that they are relatively basic to keep in leading condition. Granite is a difficult product as well as is normally immune to markings, scrapes as well as stains, although extremes of these could leave a lasting perception on the worktop.

Also even a material as difficult as granite is not immune to damage from severe warm or scratching, so never ever put steaming hot crockery directly on it; neither should you cut or slice anything without putting a chopping board beneath.

Just what is the most effective method to clean granite worktops?

If you spill something on a granite worktop, wipe it off immediately, as coloured/acidic products can leave stains that may be impossible to remove. When washing a granite worktop, cozy soapy water, a moderate or mild meal soap as well as a soft cloth will certainly be enough.

Rough products such as Windex, vinegar, lemon and lime needs to never ever be used in the cleansing of granite, while cord wools are totally improper. This is since they can harm the sealant on the worktop in the long run.

To disinfect the worktop as well as get rid of microorganisms, mix water as well as isopropyl alcohol (readily available from pharmacies) with each other in equal amounts and also spray it onto the granite surface area.

Leave it sit for 3-5 mins then rinse with water before drying out with a clean microfiber cloth. You can buy made-for-purpose granite cleaners by contacting Pennywell to buy directly if you desire.

If you’re trying to eradicate a specifically hard tarnish from a granite worktop, cooking soft drink is fairly efficient in getting the job done. It could be blended with water for oil-based stains or hydrogen peroxide for water-based stains to develop a paste, which you ought to spread freely over the stain.

Leave it for a few hours before cleaning away the paste then clean the location with a warm cloth as well as a percentage of recipe soap. Constantly test this in a small, low-profile area first to make sure that there is no damages being done to the surface.

How you can clean a quartz worktop.

Quartz worktops continue to be a leading option for home owners all over due to their substantial longevity. It is immune to stains and also scrapes and easily withstands cracking.

Nonetheless, even a material as durable as quartz can be harmed if it is not preserved effectively. Slicing or cutting straight into your quartz worktop is not advised, as this will inevitably impact its look, and also the same puts on positioning boiling hot dishware directly in addition to quartz.

Always use a pot stand, trivet or cutting board between the quartz and also the pot/dish top.

Exactly what is the most effective method to clean quartz counter tops?

It is always most convenient to wipe up spills quickly. Warm water and a clean cloth will certainly clear minor splillings; for harder splillings, a non-abrasive cleaner or vinegar remedy may be needed.

Stay clear of unpleasant or acidic cleansers such as bleach, oven cleaners, extreme powders and also steel wool. Cif functioned to a lather, left on the surface for 5 mins then wiped off with a clean cloth will remove almost anything.

Any gum tissue, grease or paint that is affixed to your quartz countertop could be gotten rid of with a plastic putty knife– do not make use of a steel blade. Various other oils need to be removed instantly with a specialist degreasing cleaner. Ink or long-term pen stains can be eliminated with an oil-based cleanser; wash the location with cozy water right away after the stain is removed.

Ways to clean Corian kitchen counters

Corian worktops have actually enjoyed enhanced popularity in current years due to their smooth nature and also significant array of colours. Always make use of a trivet rather of placing hot things directly on the worktop.

Tips for cleansing Corian worktops

The good news is that most Corian worktop stains can be cleaned with cozy soapy water or committed worktop as well as countertop cleaning products such as Cif.

When cleaning Corian worktops, it is encouraged by the manufacturers that you wipe them instantly till they are completely dry, as any water left to dry on the surface of some colours may result in a slightly blotchy look. Also, darker colours will typically need more interest and treatment than lighter colours.

If blotches do appear on your worktop, get a damp cloth and include a little part of a mild business scrubbing up product like Cif.

Using a round movement in alternating instructions, delicately rub the spots, then rinse with clean water and also dry thoroughly.You should never ever utilize searching pads or scrubbing pads on a Corian worktop, as this will boring the surface.

The best ways to clean Silestone worktops

Silestone suppliers Cosentino demonstrate ways to clean Silestone worktops.

Silestone is a composite material comprised of 94% quartz as well as is manufactured from natural quartz bound with material. The Silestone brand is amongst the leading products in the quartz market as well as is flexible enough to match practically any person’s preferences.

Silestone worktops feature a bacteriostatic security system which lasts for the entire period of the worktop as well as allows it to maintain its good-as-new top quality long after it wases initially acquired. They have a non-porous surface area, which makes it resistant to just about the severe hardest of stains.

It is scrape resistant as well as it could also conveniently take in hefty influences which would certainly damage several various other worktops.

Never ever position steaming hot crockery straight on top of a Silestone worktop. Constantly use a pot stand, trivet or cutting board in between the pot/dish and also the quartz top.

Silestone requires marginal upkeep as well as can be found in a wide variety of coatings and also colours, enabling you to integrate long lasting top quality as well as aesthetic beauty.

Silestone is immune to virtually any usual residential discolor, it is not invulnerable as well as stubborn stains could leave an imprint on your worktop if they are left for a long time without cleaning.

In the producers’ guide to cleaning and also preserving Silestone worktops, they endorse a product called Q-Action, or additionally water and also mild/neutral soap.

Oil stains could be cleansed by applying Q-Action, leaving for 2 mins as well as rubbing carefully with a scouring pad. For limescale stains, apply an anti-limescale item to the damaged location as well as, after 1-2 mins, rinse with water.

Silicone marks should be eliminated when the worktop is mounted, but in the event of such marks still being visible after installation, you can treat them by delicately applying a silicone eliminator using a blunt spatula.

Products which need to never be utilized for cleaning Silestone worktops include abrasive cleaners, polish, metallic combing pads, repaint strippers as well as caustic soft drink.

If you spill something on a granite worktop, wipe it off instantly, as coloured/acidic products might leave stains that may be difficult to get rid of. When washing a granite worktop, warm soapy water, a gentle or mild meal soap as well as a soft cloth will be adequate.

If you’re trying to eradicate a particularly hard discolor from a granite worktop, baking soft drink is fairly efficient in doing the job. The excellent news is that most Corian worktop stains can be cleaned with warm soapy water or committed worktop as well as countertop cleansing products such as Cif.

When cleansing Corian worktops, it is recommended by the suppliers that you wipe them immediately until they are completely dry, as any water left to dry on the surface of some colours may lead to a slightly blotchy look.

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